Thursday, July 7, 2011

Met Hubby's Niece!

So my hubby finally let me make him a Facebook page. When I was done and handed it over to him, he began looking for some of his family he hadn't seen in a while. He found his brother's daughter and sent her a friend request. She sent me one and our kids one. We all accepted and began talking to her. She's 17. She's a sweetheart. She lives in the town over from us. Her mom died of Breast Cancer 2  yrs ago. She came for the weekend at the end of June. And this past weekend. I love her like a daughter already. She's starting college in the fall and we are trying to spend as much time with her as possible before she starts. She's smart, well spoken, and gets along with my kids great. I am actually thankful for Facebook. I hope to have a long lasting relationship with her. My daughter adores her and it's nice to see a good person for her to look up too. Thank you, Facebook!!!


  1. Awwww this is so sweet!!! And I hope our relationship last a life time. I love you like another mom and Richard lik a dad and the kid like my brothers and sister. I adore you all and LOVE spending time with you. When I'm there there is never a dull moment and I know even when I am in school I am going to spend as much time with u guys as I can!! Even though I was just there on Tuesday I miss you all like crazy!! Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would be meeting my dads side of the family! I was hopeing and wishing for it for a long time and when I finally got it I thought it was a dream! But it's not and I'm so glad that it isn't! So glad u made Richard a facebook lol :)

  2. You're gonna make your aunt cry! I love you like a daughter. I'm honored you call me aunt and think of me like a mom. Makes my heart swell with love for you. You are a beautiful, smart, funny young woman and you have made our lives better already for being in them.